I'm Uzo.

Some of my friends call me Zee but my name Uzo is pronounced like the Greek drink Ouzo. I am neither Greek nor named after the drink but I am a bit geeky and do drink once in a while.

When I graduated from Oregon State University, my mom cried. Not for joy but because she was terrified that my degree in Philosophy and Chemistry meant that I was stuck working the midnight shift at McDonalds - not that there is anything wrong with that; after all she worked that shift for four years to put herself through New York University. I tried pointing that out but she wasn't having it so I did what I do best; trust my instincts and work smart.

Fortunately, a capstone paper written during a fellowship at Carnegie Mellon University turned into a job offer with a payment-focused startup in Nigeria. So far, I am learning a lot from the experience. The most important one to date?

Program or be programmed.
This site is the result of my efforts to get with the program:)

Currently I am learning how to turn sparks of creative and business insights into tangible products. You can follow that journey here, where I occassionally share some of the things that stick out to me. These things are almost always related to design, entreprenurship, and technology. I enjoy pineapples, ride hard for the Blue Scholars, and love meeting people so please say hello or send a tweet!